For the Parents

This concept aims to awaken and optimize the facultie’s development of the child in a harmonious way from an early age. It allows him to acquire key notions to create a reassuring environment and develop greater confidence in his abilities for a balanced future life.

It also helps to develop greater imagination. This is the reason why there are no, or few, images to accompany this series of stories. Indeed, providing ready-made images does not encourage the children to use their creativity.

Before listening to these stories, encourage your child to imagine his world with his own images. This will help him immensely later, much more than you might think.

Parents can also take the opportunity to reconnect with the sweetness and magic of childhood. It is, in fact, known that finding stimuli from this period allows to fall asleep better, calm the deepest anxieties, regain a zest for life and a lost optimism.



These stories for the holiday season have a multitude of important little messages. They address, in a subtle way, many subjects such as the acceptance of differences, the choice of priorities, listening to oneself and others, the mirage of deceptive appearances, etc.

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